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Music log - Part 3: very loud, cymbals come in. Strings...

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2/4/07 Week III Log 1 Singin’ In the Rain Nacio Herb Brown brightly played instruments: harp, strings, vocals, trumpets, tap dancing, flutes, triangle, cymbals, snare drum?, rain pouring in the background Intro : “doo doo doodie doo doo…”-vocals in english Eighth notes swing in a long-short pattern Rain pouring Staccato notes, light and cheery Violins drag out notes… Soft violin/strings/ flute, triangle Crescendo’s with trumpets and violins/strings then goes almost silent… Transition: harp plays going up the scale Part 1: Starts singing Flute in a fast, light beat Violins/strings-play high notes Violins come in…. .stops. .. then trumpets plays loudly- music stops and vocals are only there. Flute begins again Transition: trumpets play loudly, with strings in the background Part 2 : violin takes over, trumpets are out. Tapping starts. Vocals come in and out. Tapping is main. Violins crescendo then stop and begin to play Flutes go up an octave and then hold the high note
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Unformatted text preview: Part 3: very loud, cymbals come in. Strings loud, drum. Flutes play, rest of instruments are out. Tapping continues End: Strings staccato, cymbals, drumsdecrescendo.flute holds note, vocals come back with strings. Flute is light and airy, triangle goes on. Ends with flute holding a note and pouring rain. The song is a classic. The movie is mostly known for its tap dancing and of course Gene Kelly. The song puts the listener in a great mood, due to the airy, bright music. There are higher notes, no dark, low notes. Overall after listening to this song for a good hour, it put me in a great mood. It has that feeling of being in love and acting stupid and you dont care. One of those, ah life is great feelings. Seeing Gene Kelly tap dance, sing, and have that silly smile on his face.has a greater effect. Best part: Gene Kelly splashing around in the rain like hes a little boylove, itll make you do crazy things....
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Music log - Part 3: very loud, cymbals come in. Strings...

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