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music log-week3 log 6 99 luft balloons - she stops singing...

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2/8/07 Week 3 Log 6 99 Luft Balloons Nena Vocals in German Intro: Nena is singing solo. A keyboard is accompanying her in the background. The notes are held for a long time TRANSITION: clapping. Weird funky sound-> synthesized. Maybe electric guitar? Piano plays Bass does too. Symbols? Drums come in and get faster until… Part 2: Nena starts singing again. With the guitar playing fast. The drum follows the same beat. keyboard in the background Transition: no singing. The piano plays melody Part 3: Nena sings… Transition: Clapping, keyboard, bass, guitar, drums gets faster Part 4: Nena is singing with the drum and guitar, keyboard in the background. The guitar has its own solo. Transition: Silence End: Gets really quiet. Nena sings really softly with the keyboard accompning her. Then
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Unformatted text preview: she stops singing and the keyboard hits a note…or it could be the guitar with the guitarist moving his hand up to make an annoying noise… The song is interesting. I don’t exactly know what to think of it. It’s not an ordinary song that one would here. Some how it got really popular. The beat is catchy and I think that Nena is a great singer. After doing the music logs, I start to see that they are almost always similar. There is a certain way that artists make music. They have lyrics, two times, two different instruments come in and play the melody….parts are repeated. Something new would be nice…....
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