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music log-week 3 log2 fob

music log-week 3 log2 fob - is repetitive There are “oh...

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2/5/07 Week III Log 2 This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race Fall Out Boy www.youtube.com Punk Rock Song. It’s a high energy song that I believe carries a message. It’s different from other songs. It has a touch of “boy band” to it. The song starts off with synthesized music that has a wave sound to it. I’m not sure what the instrument is. It could be the guitar or piano that held a note. Then that note was synthesized to make a weird, awkward, yet catchy sound. Listening to the intro once again, the beginning of the song could be two notes from a piano being played over and over again, but synthesized. The electric guitar comes in next. Vocals and guitar plays. Vocals are in English. Bass is used. Song gets louder with drums picking up the sound. Also, the pace of the song is faster. Then, the song slows down and gets slower. The song
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Unformatted text preview: is repetitive. There are “oh oh oh” in the back ground. Bass/guitar solo then drums. The drumsticks are hitting each other. The song ends fast paced. It has all the instruments playing. The song goes back and forth. Not much can be said about the song as for different techniques. The song basically sounds synthesized, computerized, what ever you want to call it. It doesn’t sound….REAL!! I wonder if the musicians can really play like that. Are they lip-synching? Is there voice being changed? Are they pretending to play guitar, bass, and drums? I begin to question any band now that plays music because of the technology out there. I would like to think that every band is capable of singing/playing, but I doubt it. I must admit that the song is catchy, the sounds are different attracting my ears to it....
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