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music log-week 3 log3 ragasutra

music log-week 3 log3 ragasutra - Eastern There is some...

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2/6/07 Week III Log 3 Ragasutra Jamie Janover magnatune.com A hammered dulcimer is being played. It is peaceful. Picking sounds are also there but along with a string sound and just as if something was hit. The song has a relaxing sound, yet it is fast paced. The song does not have a lot of things going on. I don’t think that the only instrument is the dulcimer. I believe something is being used to pluck to make a high pitched noise. It is very fast so maybe it is double stringed. Also there is some sort of instrument with a bow. It often plays in the background. The instrument with the bow plays for a while hitting a note twice then moving up. Does not sound very Middle
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Unformatted text preview: Eastern. There is some noodling, not much. Song ends with notes going back and forth. The song is not twangy. It does not have that Middle Eastern touch to it. Although, it is considered middle eastern. There are no vocals. Very soothing sound. Not too much goes on. The string instrument that is played with a bow, I don’t think can be a violin because it is almost out of tune….its hard to describe. Most of the notes in this song are very high pitched. Some kind of instrument is being plucked. That could be the Dulcimer but I am not sure. There is never silence, no breaks....
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