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music log-week 3 log 4 buffalo soldier - Then the person...

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2/7/07 Week III Log 4 Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley Trumpets start the song. There are vocals. Clacking, electric guitar? Drums Vocals are used as sounds “ohh jojo, oh jojo…” Twangy reggae style of music. Metal drum. Keyboard used? Some kind of instrument used to make a clacking sound. Maybe two wood bars? This song does not have too much going on. It seems like a song for starting a revolution. Bob Marley seems to me like a real artist. No fake crap. He did the real thing, he sang from his heart. Even though not much goes on, not much is needed to get people going and started. His words moved people. The beat of the music stays in a person’s head.
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Unformatted text preview: Then the person carries forever. For me hearing this song, is not unfamiliar. I have often had it stuck in my head. It comes when I am angry, surprisingly. It does make me want to question authority that is wrong. I never thought that someone who is dead, can still have such an effect on people. If I was able to talk about the lyrics, I would be able to say so much more…Most important is that beat to his music that keeps a person going…RIP Dreadlock Raster!!-"Life is worth much more than gold, half the story has never been told." - Bob Marley...
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