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1a . Age: 20 Sex: Female Physical Activity: More than 60 minutes/day Weight: 156 Heights: 5’9” 1B. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks 1 Large Biscuit 1 cup of cooked pasta w/chicken 1 Small Steak Small orange 1 omelet w/cheese 2 cups of Salad w/spinach, 2cups of Squash 2 seedless grapes 1 cup of melon balls tomatoes, cucumbers 1cup whole black eyed peas 1 bag of popcorn 3 scoops of Ice cream 1C. Looking at the meal plan for one day I do not think that this would be a very difficult plan to follow, however, there are some exceptions. Quantity and variety of the dairy and fruit groups are somewhat a problem. Much of the time I do not get the nutrients needed from the dairy group because I skip breakfast most day’s. Consequently, for me I would have to eat diary some place else in my diet, which would be hard as I eat most of vegetables and meats during lunch and dinner. On the other hand, when I do eat breakfast I do eat what is stated in the breakfast column. Grains MP Ounces Vegs MP Cups Fruit MP Cups Milk MP Cups Meat/ beans MP Ounces 1.5 C cooked pasta 3.0 2C raw Spinac h 1.0 32 Seedless grapes 1.0 3 scoops of ice- cream 1.0 1 egg 1.0 1 bag of Popcorn 4.0 2C squash 2.0 Small Orange .5 2 slices of processed cheese 2.0 1 small chicke n breast 3.0 1 large Biscuit 2.0 1C whole black eyed peas 1.0 1C melon balls 1.0 - 1 Small steak 4.0 My Total 9 oz 4.0 C 2.5 C 3.0 C Recomm ended 9 oz 3.5 C 2.0 C 3.0 C 7.0 oz 6.5 oz
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As far as the fruit group, the only difficulty I would have is eating fresh fruit. There is not real problem with access to fruit, I am simply a picky eater and fruit from the dinning hall is not very fresh. Moreover, the fruit in the dinning hall is limited to apples, oranges and bananas, thus meaning there is not very much variety unless the other fruits are in season. Conversely, outside of the food mentioned on the lists and chart above, I do consume calories outside of what I eat in formal meal settings. As far as my discretionary calories I would most likely use them eating snacks like soda and candy, but because I usually skip a meal I would try
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NTR%20homework[1] - 1a Age 20 Sex Female Physical Activity...

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