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religion final - fighting practiced the same religion and...

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Gabrielle Daniel 1.) I think the most interesting change that occurred in Israel was the political reformation that combined politics and religion. The text explains that the Hasmoneans viewed themselves as, “supreme leaders in politics and religion” (242) and therefore began mass religious purification of the land. However, in spite of their efforts to create a better government, “politics [in the Jewish community] became fraught with the tensions and passions born of ideological inflexibility.” (245) As a result of Jewish ethnocentrism, other countries grew to dislike the Hasmonean rulers thus causing “domestic” problems. Two Jewish sects (the Pharisees and Sadducees) separated by ideological inflexibility were formed and caused to the political government to weaken, ultimately causing the Hasmoneans to fight alongside pagan mercenaries (to whom they tried to drive out) against King Demetrius VI of Syria and Seleucids reinforced by Jewish descendents. I find this interesting because, the Jewish sects that caused the
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Unformatted text preview: fighting practiced the same religion, and believed in the same basic laws, yet fight still occurred between the groups. 2.) After reading the textbook and the library reserve reading, I notice that both the textbook and the reserve similarly end around the time of the Hasmonean rule, however the book does not include much detail about the Hasmonean empire, it simply mentions its rise and fall. I think the book should include details of how leadership was weak in the government, and the set norms of the time period. Norms such as obligations to make a pilgrimage to temple three times, donating ½ shekel to Temple, offerings to sacrifice to expiate sin, and total prohibition of any form of idolatry.” All of these things are great descriptions of how the Hasmoneans governed, as well as explaining why imported Rhodian wine was prohibited. If the book included some of these things, it would be easier to see how the governing bodies changed from the Hasmoneans to the Romans gradually....
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religion final - fighting practiced the same religion and...

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