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The Books of 1-2 Sam Whats the deut history: books and the prohets joshusa judges Samuel kings -Part of the Deut. Histoy -Records a transitional phase of Israel’s history -The books specifically focus on the first 2 kings of Israel: Saul and David D.H. -David -Centralization of Worship -worshipped only in authorized places (where the lord has put his name). Worship only at Jerusalem (Centralization of Worship) Sources of 1 and 2 Samuel -1 and 2 Sam. Originally one book -ark narrative (srouce used when ppl wrote Sam) is concluded in 2 sam 6 -David brings ark to Jerusalem
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Unformatted text preview: -Court History of David-Succession narrative: provides explanation of how Solomon became father’s successor-why does it have to be explained? - -Other Independent Units-Hymns: Royal Hymn of Thanksgiving (1 Sam 22) sources that are used by 1,2, Sam= (this is on blackboard feb 20) difference btw the 2: saul- divine rejection david- divine favor what happens to Ishbaal? Falls and breaks his neck on accident? No. David the Character-Talented poet and musician-Saul’s spirit and the lyre-(BB) when david is hiding from saul where does he go? Philistine....
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