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O UTLINE OF D ISCUSSION T ODAY General comments on discussion sessions, office hours, problem sets, and exams Comments on problem set 1 Diffusion Boltzmann’s constant and the equipartition theorem P ROBLEM SET 1 DUE DATE One week from today at 4:30 M IDTERM E XAM Wednesday, February 20
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D ISCUSSION S ESSIONS BIOMED E 418 tends to be a highly heterogeneous class. If I am not catering to your background or learning style, please tell me. I will try to accommodate requests for topics to cover and for changes to the way I cover them. I will cover material that will help you with problem sets and exams, but I will not generally give away answers. O FFICE H OURS If you have questions about problem sets, please make it obvious to me that you’ve read the problem and spent time thinking about it. S TUDENTS WITH L IMITED B IOLOGY B ACKGROUND Read the notes for each lecture ahead of time and look up words you don’t know in Lodish or on the Internet. Read the assigned readings (Lodish, etc.). P ROBLEM S ETS AND E XAMS Together, the two exams are worth 65% of your grade. You will need to be able to answer questions relatively quickly and concisely. Exam questions will be similar to problem set questions. The problem sets
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Discussion_2008_01_11 - OUTLINE OF DISCUSSION TODAY General...

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