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Feb. 15, 2008 Preparation for Midterm Strike a balance between the following o Lectures Don’t dwell on minutiae, but be prepared to provide important facts, explain mechanisms, etc. Keep potential exam questions in mind. o Be prepared for both qualitative and quantitative questions similar to homework questions. The sample questions to which you have access (homework questions, discussion questions) do not cover all the quantitative or qualitative material for which you are responsible. Some discussion questions are not appropriate exam questions because they are too short, easy, hard, etc. Discussion questions have not been designed to be like exam questions, but have sometimes been aimed at key concepts that have come up on exams and problem sets in previous years. I may have overemphasized the equipartition theorem in the first discussion. o Read Lodish, focusing especially on material that clarifies what was covered in lectures. Qualitative questions o You don’t have time to write a book, but you need to provide enough information to cover what the question is asking and to demonstrate that you know the topic, understand the mechanism you are describing, etc. It’s possible to explain too little. o Don’t panic and write down everything you know that’s vaguely related to the question. Read the question carefully and establish what it’s asking for before you start writing. o “Compare and contrast X and Y” means “In what ways are X and Y similar? In what ways are X and Y different.” You could be asked to compare and contrast structures or mechanisms from different lectures. o Problem set 1: “In general terms describe/diagram the structure of a lipid bilayer, and describe the relation between the structure and permeability and mechanical properties.” Points awarded for describing the structure, explaining how mechanical properties result from this structure, explaining how permeability is affected by this structure. No points for Information the question is not really asking for o discussion of permeability theory o detailed discussion of the structure of different phospholipids (no need for much beyond “hydrophobic fatty acid tail, hydrophilic phosphate containing head”) Wordy and redundant repetition of the question without added content: “The structure, permeability, and mechanical properties of the lipid bilayer can be understood and comprehended in terms of the intricate relationship between the structure of the bilayer, the permeability of
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discussion_2008_02_15_midtermpreparation - Feb. 15, 2008...

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