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Causes of the Cultural Revolution Time period: 1966 -1976 “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” Called on China’s youth to “challenge authority”, especially those who are taking a capitalistic path Vague objectives invited abuses Mao’s alleged goal: re-educate China’s exploitative, corrupt, and oppressive officials in order to restore a revolutionary sprit and prevent China from abandoning socialism Other possible reasons: provoke an internal party struggle regain power and control over policy after the Great Leap Forward (3 years of famine with an estimated of 14 to 40 million deaths) purge anticommunists and waged struggle against those who followed policies antagonistic to Mao’s The Relationship between Law and Politics in China Between 1949-79, Chinese universities trained few lawyers Ethics were used for settling disputes derived from the Confucian guidelines that
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Unformatted text preview: emphasized correct personal relationships among people, and between people and their rulers The CCP viewed law as a branch of the social sciences, not as a professional field of study; citizens viewed law as a mere propaganda tool, not as a mean of protecting their rights Chinas laws and legal education were highly politicized Politics also pervaded the judiciary system China has been ruled by people, not by law; by politics, not by legal standards; by party policy, not by a constitution After 1979, the government moved quickly to write new laws, which was caused by small foreign investment. Both foreigners and Chinese business people were reluctant to invest without legal protection. Codification of the legal system has fostered a stronger basis for modernization and has helped limit party abuse of the peoples rights....
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