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BUAD-304 case probs

BUAD-304 case probs - Brinkerhoff International Inc Case...

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Brinkerhoff International Inc. Case Problems High turnovers due to high risks , high uncertainties, isolated life, bad working conditions, and frequent rig changes Miscommunication between Mannheim and Kopulos Lack of face to face communication Grapevine Lack of trust Mannheim’s management style Viewed as too stingy by rig managers and workers Also get into others’ business Unmotivated promotion system Required everyone in the team to read his “manual” Accused of being a dictator Governmental 25% loyalty on output decreases company profit Labor shortage and lack of experienced workers Unpleasant crew life No entertainment (alcohol) Heide (driller) counts on the responsible workers to make up works that are not properly done by the slackers Pg.5-6 Possible Problems Rossick, the #20 rig manager, seems to be friendly to the case writer, but was ignored by crew members (p.5) The conversation between the case writer and the crew members are awkward
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