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Unformatted text preview: Torsion: Bending: B Standard Solid Model: S Kelvin-Voight Model: K Maxwell Model: M Fracture Mechanics G-> Energy K-> Intensity Release Rate Factor R THE HIP: Neck-shaft <: locavara<125<loxa valga antiversion< = 12 Total Hip Arthroplasty: Press Fit : no bonding for healthy/thicker bones/ young. Cemented: bone cement for older w/lower bone mass. strain causes remodeling therefore loss of bone @ interface, loosening, fracture Wear: Pitting (<1mm), scratching, burnishing (swirled polishing), abrasion, plastic deformation Day to day loading: 1-2 m particles migrate to bone-implant interface & initiate macrophage (osteoclast) reponse reseorption implant loosening Fracture Fixation: to heal, we want axial alignment, stable fixation, sufficient blood supply. External: Half-Pin, Full Pin, Circular Full Pin pin#, load/pin, stress around pin pin d, moment, stress, torsion Internal: Intermedullary Rod, Pins, Plates, Nails Ligaments: bone-bone, parallel, stability, guide...
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