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Midterm #1 Review Sheet - OUTLINEFORMIDTERMI SPRING2008...

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OUTLINE FOR MIDTERM I SPRING 2008 PROF. SAMMIS Lecture 1 Radioactive isotope – an element that breaks down at a constant rate (described by its half life) o Half life – the time (in years) that it takes for the mass of Age of the Earth – 4.6 Billion years – how determined – by dating carbonaceous chondrite Meteorites Age of rocks - o – which isotopes and why ? Oldest continental rocks – 4 Billion years – where – in the center of continents Oldest oceanic rocks – 200 Million years – where – in ocean basins Power of ten notation – 10^(x), where the X is how many zeros come after the 1 st digit. Ages of sun and other planets – 13.6 Billion years? Age of universe – 13.6 Billion years? – how determined – by taking the current rate the universe is expanding at, & reversing the time. Lecture 2 What is an earthquake? o Fault plane – o Fault trace – intersection of the fault plane with the Earth’s SURFACE. o Fault scarp – the uplifted Earth, caused by o Hypocenter (focus) – where EQs begin w/ a rupture, that spreads thru-out the fault plane o Epicenter – the surface projection of the hypocenter Where earthquakes occur o 3 types of plate boundary divergent = plates move apart (Extension) and have Normal Faults. Found at mid-ocean ridges convergent = plates move together (Compression) & have Reverse/Thrust Faults. Found @ trench/island-arc structures.
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Midterm #1 Review Sheet - OUTLINEFORMIDTERMI SPRING2008...

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