bio101 lecture 2 - THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE Cole...

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1 Cole Gilbert Lecture 02 August 27, 2007 THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE If you are joining the class…. Pick up the handout “GENERAL INFORMATION FOR BIOG 101” from outside room 1140 COMSTOCK HALL Lab sections start today. Go to your assigned lab time and room. Remember: 10 minutes late your space is lost bio Course Website Access to password-protected sites: (lecture outlines, readings) user name: _______ password: _______ dna rna Office Hours Today Dr. Gilbert 11:15-12:30 (after every lecture) 6136 Comstock Hall Dr. Gardner 1:00-2:00pm (after every lecture) 1136 Comstock Hall Dr. Meissner 11:30-1:30 (MONDAY only) 1122 Comstock Hall
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2 Web quizzes Change in schedule updated schedule online Quiz 1 starts Sept. 3 Log in with netID, password is your 7 digit ID Quizzes open Mondays at 5pm close Sundays at midnight There are NO makeups without written documentation Clickers Register online at Put your name on your clicker 1 st clicker questions on Monday, Sept 3 “practice” questions this week BIOLOGY DINING DISCUSSIONS Fall 2007 – Cornell University Black Skimmers (Rynchops niger) at sunset, Fort De Soto Park, Florida © Marie Read: Monday, 27 Aug. 2007 “MEET YOUR PROFESSOR” GUEST: Dr. Cole Gilbert, Professor, BioG 101 Room 302A APPEL DINING HALL 5:45 PM Meeting place: West Entrance to Appel Center at 5:45pm Hosted by Carl D. Hopkins Success in Biology Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007, Uris Hall G1 Auditorium, 7:00-8:00 PM. Cole Gilbert will discuss:
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bio101 lecture 2 - THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE Cole...

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