bio101 lecture 7 - Join SAEPE First Meeting of the year!...

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1 First Meeting of the year! Wednesday September 12 5:30 pm in 101 Morrison All are welcome! Pizza will be provided Any questions email rcm45 Please bring $5 for dues with you Join SAEPE Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Premedical Education MEET DOCTORS PHILANTHROPY EVENTS PREMEDICAL ADVICE LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 1 st st MEETING WED. SEPT. 12 MEETING WED. SEPT. 12 th th Goldwin Smith HEC Auditorium 6:30pm Goldwin Smith HEC Auditorium 6:30pm Funded in part by the SAFC The cost to KEEP A CHILD ALIVE KEEP A CHILD ALIVE : Less than $1 a day Join KCA at Cornell and become part of an action- oriented network of college students dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic. Help provide life-saving anti-retroviral drugs to children and their families in Africa. First organizational meeting: Tuesday 9/11 at 4:30pm in GS 142 Check us out at: BIO EXPLORATIONS REGISTRATION BEGAN TODAY Monday, September 10 at 6:30 a.m. REGISTRATION ENDS at NOON, Friday, September 14 • All BioG 101 students are required to participate in the Explorations Program. If you did not pick-up the registration materials at lecture on Friday, September 7, please pick them up from the wall box outside the course office at 1140 Comstock Hall. BIOLOGY DINING DISCUSSIONS Fall 2007 – Cornell University Black Skimmers ( Rynchops niger ) at sunset, Fort De Soto Park, Florida © Marie Read: Sep. 10, 2007 “EVOLUTION AND CREATIONISM” GUEST: DR. WILL PROVINE DR. WILL PROVINE, Professor of BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Room 302A APPEL DINING HALL 5:45 PM Meeting place: West Entrance to Appel at 5:45 Hosted by Carl D. Hopkins Composition of Cells Lecture 08 Esther Angert Cornell University
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2 Cytology - The Biology of the Cell 1. Scale of Life and the Cell 2. Using Microscopy and Biochemistry 3. Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells *Fundamental similarities *Fundamental laws 4. Parts of the Bacterial Cell 5. Parts of the Eukaryotic Cell endomembrane system additional organelles cytoskeleton Cellular life, not viruses Bacteriophage = phage 0.5 μm (500 nm) 100 nm The scale of life… • Organisms range in mass (size) over 21 orders of magnitude – From the smallest microbes that weight <10 -13 g (0.1 picogram) to… – Largest mammals (blue whale) and plants (giant sequoia) that may weigh 10 8 g – All are composed of cells 0.5 μm Mycoplasma pneumonia Sequoiadendron giganteum
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bio101 lecture 7 - Join SAEPE First Meeting of the year!...

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