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bio101 lecture 5 - MACROMOLECULES Steroids and Information...

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1 MACROMOLECULES Steroids and Information Lecture 06 Cole Gilbert SEPTEMBER 05, 2007 What: A mandatory informational meeting about being part of Cornell’s Varsity Equestrian Team Where: Teagle Hall Multipurpose Room When: Friday, September 7 th at 7:30 pm Who: We need riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. No experience necessary! But sorry boys, the team is for women only. Why: Our Division One team is consistently one of the top teams in our region, and we are very competitive at a national level. The team is a great way to meet lots of fun girls, to ride at school, to try a new sport or to continue doing what you love. We can’t wait to meet everyone on September 7 th ! Join faculty, Biology students, and Biology related clubs for pizza and conversation! Check out the quiz website today That way if there is any difficulty with your password, etc., we will find out about it before the weekend
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2 What is the Explorations Program? In the Explorations Program, more than 90 faculty and other researchers throughout the University open their doors to BioG 101 students for hands-on experiences in various aspects of the Life Sciences. Explorations is a unique opportunity for students to explore Cornell’s research environment. Enjoy! Explorations Program All BioG 101 students are expected to participate in one Explorations Program. Registration materials will be distributed in lecture this Friday, September 7. Electronic registration will begin at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, September 10 using the course website. --|-- Programs are filled on a first-come-first served basis, so register early to ensure placement in your top choice --|-- Registration deadline is Friday, September 14 at noon.
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