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Team Members Radhika Arora Emily Docktor Andrea Lee Priscilla Wong Neil Wusu Team Name The Woolly Mammoths Team Members’ Strengths Radhika is very good at statistics. Emily is very organized. Andrea is very observant. Priscilla is a good actor, and this may help us understand sales representatives’ and customers’ behaviors. Neil will help maintain balance, as he is the only male. Project Focus The variables for our study will be formality of dress, gender, and store type. We are interested in seeing how sales representatives treat customers, depending on the way they choose to dress and what their clothing might say about them. We would also like to know if the genders of sales representatives and customers affect the customer service level. Finally, we are interested in seeing if there is a difference between the customer service levels of small, boutique-type stores and stores owned by large corporations. Research Questions
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