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Radhika Arora Section 1: Jaime February 21 st , 2008 Assignment 2 Comm 130 Assignment 2: Visual Analysis Visual analysis is a complicated process that can take ages to perform due to the complexities involved with most visuals. In chapter one of his book, Visual Persuasion: The Role of Images in Advertising, Messaris (1997) deals with one aspect of visual analysis by examining how iconicity is used by persuasive communicators to attract a viewer's attention. He mentions a few different types of ways real world cues are used as attention grabbing devices; violating reality, surrealism and visual metaphor, visual parodies, direct eye gaze, rear views, viewing distance and subjective camera. Of course, it isn't just enough to grab the viewer's attention, you must also connect the advertisement with the product in order to engage the viewer. In the attached advertisements, the tools that are used by include direct eye gaze, viewing distance and rear view. In the first advertisement (Red by Marc Ecko), the main attention grabbing tool used by the advertiser is direct eye gaze. The model in the ad is looking directly at the viewer thereby attracting our attention by using the fact that, according to Messaris (1997), we (the viewers) have a “real-life tendency to look back when we are looked at (p. 4).” To double this effect, both the model and the dog
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Comm 130 Assignment 2 - Radhika Arora Section 1: Jaime...

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