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MHR 318 project - Motivation is defined as the processes...

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Motivation is defined as the “processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal,” it is a crucial, yet fundamental aspect for any successful business. Management and even other employees stress the need to motivate their employees or coworkers in order to promote “growth, responsibly, and involvement in the work itself.”(David A. 25). Google executives understand that there are growing importance that each individual employee has to balance work and life. This is why they offer many unique employee benefits that are numerous and innovative. The basic health and wellness programs are comparable to other technology firms, but they also offer beyond the basic benefits that make them unique in their own way. One can’t force an individual to drink, eat, work, or play; that individual will do what he/ she feels like doing. This is where motivation plays a major role of reaching to that objective through external stimulus. Motivation is the extra push or encouragement to give the individual a reason to act upon the objective or goal. Individuals will work towards the goal only to find out at the end that they may win in one way or another. Motivation can not be force and it is only done at its own will. When an individual is in a work environment, that individual must be familiar and comfortable with what is being done. This ensures the achievement of completing the actual work and projects that needs to be done. Process theories of motivation describe how employee’s needs, that will able to translate into action. In order for an employee to accomplish their job performance they must have the ability and motivation to do so. Google uses a strategic move that reimburse $8,000 dollars subsidy for their employee’s tuition per calendar year, only if it is relevant to what they are doing at Google. This would sometimes include tuition, books, registration fees, and parking permits. Google understands
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that this will motivate their employees to work hard and still continue to have an educational background to support what they are doing at work. When they learn the skills and knowledge from school, they will be more comfortable at achieving the goal when at work. Google only wants the people that are always willing to learn and then taking back the knowledge back to the company, so they use this as a way to draw good employees to work for them. According to Figler, motivation is “active, energetic pursuit of a desired goal always gives you a fighting chance of getting it and furthermore, the pursuit itself is equally important as the objective” (23). Basically what he is saying is that people all have different wants, needs and objectives that are special to one another. Everyone has their way of thinking, reasoning and
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MHR 318 project - Motivation is defined as the processes...

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