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purple someones dead blue notes - If its Purple Someones...

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notes -Blue Notes Blue is quiet and aloof. People become passive and introspective in blue and it is a color to think to, but not act to. Notre Dame painted blue in visitors locker room, and red in theirs, and won every game. It is associated with powerlessness. Because the sky is blue, people say “true blue”, but it is not associated with loyalty or dependability at all. Steel blue and dark indigo are colors least associated with sensual and most associated with intellect. Blue is statistically most favorite color Powerless blues Tootsie o Michael Dorsey can’t find an acting job and transforms himself into Dorothy Michaels. Dorothy wears a red sequin dress on national magazines while Michael wears faded blue sweatshirts. This faded blue symbolizes that he is both powerless economically and powerless to put a move on his costar Julie without giving up that he is a guy. o When Michael finally kills off Dorothy, she is wearing a purple orchid and Michael is ready to transform into a better man Wizard of Oz o Dorothy wears a pale blue dress to show her powerlessness o The monkeys are a very cold bright blue. Since blue is the darkest color of the spectrum, it is not associated with emotion warmth and empathy and adds to the scariness of them Sense and Sensibility o All the women wear blue, drink tea from blue cups, and are enclosed by blue walls. This color influences our sympathetic response. In new cottage there are gray walls with blue under painting. o Blue, unless bright and bold (royal), inspires lethargy o Elinor often wears a dark gray blue that takes away from her sensuality. o Even though the women are talented, attractive, and intelligent, their class and power holds them back o The golden yellow and Mrs. Jennings house and the bright red of Kate Winset’s husband’s coat shows how repression is over and passion begins The Shawshank Redemption o The prison uniforms and gray-blue, and so is atmosphere. The vans that bring in new inmates are white (for innocence). Many men struggle with the “prison” inside. o Van Gogh had a painting of prisoners in blue called “Prisoners Exercising (after Dore)” in 1890 o Warmer light appears when Andy does acts of kindness towards men. Warm colors of autumn are visible when Red gets out of jail and finds the note that Andy left saying to have hope. o
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purple someones dead blue notes - If its Purple Someones...

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