purple someones dead orange notes

purple someones dead orange notes - If its Purple Someones...

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notes -Orange Chapter Orange is generally “nice” Real estate agents suggest planting orange marigolds in front of your yard to sell faster Orange light in an interior is romantic Orange celebrates the working class Versatile orange can read as exotic Warm Oranges The Godfather o In Don’s study, there is an orange/amber light that shows we are in the presence of malevolent but romantic power o Amber is an orange/yellow and is romantic o Orange and black have deep associations with Halloween o Pastel orange has a child like innocence o Luca Brasi is murdered with an intense red/orange wall behind him o Kay dresses is a red/orange at her wedding and the changes into a powerless beige My Family (Mi Familia) o The opening title is shower over an urban river with orange lighting o The family is always shown in orange because they are poor, yet always happy, and are part of the working class o They live in the house under the bridge that protects it o Maria made a deal with the river/white owl in order to get her back into LA after she got deported o The white owl collected his due in a dark blue light after the baby Chucho got older and was mistakenly accused of murder and the cop shot him right by the river. There was a lot of red, white, and blue. o Chucho became a Jesus figure and a martyr. Chucho’s given name was Jesus. o The movie ended with red, white, and green – the colors of the Mexican flag. The Big Easy o The big easy is New Orleans o Orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel and intensify each other o Remy puts his brother through college with his share for money from the illegal “widows and orphans fund”. o Remy is a relaxed orange, while Anne is a dark police blue. They later switch colors as Remy takes his job more seriously and Anne has a new found passion. o
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purple someones dead orange notes - If its Purple Someones...

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