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purple someones gonna die - red notes - If its Purple...

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If it’s Purple Someone’s Gonna Die notes – chapter red Powerful, Lusty, Defiant Reds The Wizard of Oz o Dorothy’s red shoes give her a visual courage to carry her across the cautionary yellow brick road. They also gave her the strength and power to make it to the Emerald City. “Number one red signal is power ”. o Yellow, because of it’s brightness, is associated with happiness. But yellow is the color we first see (as used in traffic signals) and is a cautionary color o Dorothy’s dress is a pale blue. Pale color means powerlessness, which is why she needs the red shoes for power. The flying monkeys have a dark blue (the coldest color on the spectrum) to emphasize non-compassion and scariness Working Girl o Tess, wearing black on the first day, is working as a secretary for her new boss, Kathryn. Kathryn is a power obsessed control freak and soon wears red always. o At a cocktail party, Kathryn is wearing a bright red dress and is surrounded by all the men in gray o Tess is wearing gray at the party also to symbolize her powerlessness and becomes nearly invisible in the background o There is a picture in Kathryn’s office of two red female cats opposing each other (Kathryn vs Tess) o Kathryn goes skiing one day and wears bright red boots that, in one scene, Tess is on her knees putting the boot on and it appears to be a slave/master relationship. In this scene though, both Kathryn and Tess are wearing black skirts and white blouses to foreshadow the equal matching of these women. o All of Kathryn’s red are cold reds; symbolizing her power and her energy that is cold, arrogant, and analytical. o In a final scene wearing red, Kathryn tries to lie her way out of a situation and is caught and demoralized. She is seen walking away (with her broken leg from skiing) and she, and the red, are visually shrinking out of sight o Tess had huge hair. Her cutting it shorts marks her sophistication into business world. o Tess was in a happy, warm blue bride’s maid dress at end of movie Dick Tracy o Tracy, Tess, and The Kid are in a three way relationship that has a dominant presence of red in it that heats us up physically as viewers The Thomas Crown Affair
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o The relationship between Crown and Vicki is all about unspoken sex. During the sauna scene, the red light raises our anxiety level up and heats us up o Crown drives his red dune buggy to blow off steam, and as he drives out of sight, the amount of red on screen reduces, and so does the anxiety level in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon o Red is first seen with Jen wearing red flowers in her hair. Jen is a thrill- seeker that is irresponsible, romantic, and doesn’t think about consequences. She’s a vixen, arrogant, stubborn, compulsive, and powerful.
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purple someones gonna die - red notes - If its Purple...

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