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Parentsneedtomakerulesforwatchingtelevision - To avoid...

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Parents need to make rules for watching television(TV) for their children. Children who watch television too much, more than 2 hours a day, can be caused a lot of problems. The human’s brain, since they were born to till three years old, need to be stimulated by five senses. However, watching TV is just for watch and hear, so it gives negative influence to children. When they watch TV, they don’t think, they just accept whatever it says and shows. That’s why we call television as a stupid box. Children see sexual or violence scene from TV all the time, they think the real world is that way and cause problems.
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Unformatted text preview: To avoid those problems, parents need to make plans for watching TV. They need to think what kind of program they would show to their children, and how long they are allowed to watch it. If you don’t want to let your children watch some programs that they want to watch, then you need to explain why they can’t watch it. If it is possible, it is good way that you watch the program with them, so you can see talk how they accepted the program and ask their opinion and help them to see it in different way. Otherwise, they would have serious social and emotional problems....
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