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BICD100 Fall 2005 Reinagel Forward Genetics Topics Concepts of forward genetics, applicable to any type of organism we have studied in this class (phage, bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, plants, and hypothetical beasts). 1) "isolating a mutant" 2) difference between selection and screen 3) two mutants with the same phenotype: same or different gene? a) do they complement? b) are they linked? 4) conditional mutants: permissive and restrictive conditions; prototrophs and auxotrophs 5) large scale screens/selections: a) complementation GROUPS -> putative genes b) linkage analysis -> maps (also, assign dominant alleles to genes)
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Unformatted text preview: b) concept of saturation 6) ordering genes into pathways a) structural assembly pathways (look for partly formed structures) b) biosynthesis pathways (crossfeeding or feeding tests) 7) isolating revertants a) true revertants (intragenic) b) extragenic suppressors 8) isolating recessive mutants in diploids (plants, fruit flies, etc) *Note: you are responsible for deletion mapping, but I have not listed it here because I consider it a subtopic of linkage analysis (mapping), even though I introduced it in a forward genetics lecture....
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