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423 Paper 1 - of short dresses that women wore so they...

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Psych 423 February 8, 2008 Film Evaluation: History of Sex in the Twentieth Century I believe that the 1920s had that most effect on our current ideas concerning sex, gender roles, and relationships. World War I has ended in 1918 and helped provoke this first sexual revolution. Men who were coming back home from the war were ready to enjoy life and all it had to offer. War helped Americans realize that life is short. In the 1920s many young adults challenged traditional notions of what was typical proper behavior. Young people attended parties, drank liquor, and danced new sexually suggestive steps at jazz clubs. The 1920s were known as the Jazz Age. One of the symbols of this decade was ‘the flapper.’ This was a name given to the new fashion trend
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Unformatted text preview: of short dresses that women wore so they could dance better in. This new fashion trend allowed women to move freely and not be so restricted as the previous Victorian era. Also in the 1920s sex and the discussion of sex became less taboo. Although it was still illegal this helped spark an interest in birth control. Birth control would allow women to participate in this sexual revolution without worrying about getting pregnant. Another influence during this time period was Freudian psychology. Freud provoked young adults to discuss and participate in sexual urges and desires. Freud explained how masturbation and sexual urges were normal feelings and desires for every human being....
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