490 TQ 1 - French & Raven (1959) 1) French and Raven define...

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1) French and Raven define power in terms of influence and influence in terms of psychological change. They state that it is necessary to define power with respect to a specified system. They identify 5 sources of social power including: reward, coercive, legitimate, referent, and expert. The power one group/person/norm/role has may be due to dependence. A person could be dependent on another person or group that they see in power. French and Raven state that: ‘in general the degree of dependence of a state of a situation on O, following O’s influence, may be defined as equal to the amount of retrogression following the removal of O. 2) A. Reward power is based on the perceived ability to give positive consequences or remove negative ones. I had reward power over another group when I was an assistant fifth grade teacher. I would reward my students by promising them now homework or a piece of candy for good behavior or correct answers. An example for when a person has had reward power over me was my boss at Sip n Soda. He got to decide how many hour
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490 TQ 1 - French & Raven (1959) 1) French and Raven define...

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