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Name:_______________________ BMEN 289 Engineering Biology Homework Set #5 Due Thursday, Oct. 11 1. Let’s say a protein is encoded by the following mRNA: 5’-AAUUGCAUCUAGAUGUCCAUAUGCGCCGCGUAAGAGUCG-3’ a. What amino acid sequence is encoded by this? Make sure to indicate where the amino and carboxyl termini are located. (15 pts.) b. Let’s say this protein formed a disulfide bond with another polypeptide to form a multimeric protein. What individual nucleotide would you need to change in order to eliminate the ability of this peptide to form a disulfide bond. Why did you choose this particular base? (10 pts.) 2. Compare and contrast polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and gel filtration chromatography. a. How are these two separation methods similar? (10 pts) b. Why do they separate proteins differently? Be sure to explain how each method results in protein separation. (15 pts) 3. You are given a plasmid (circular DNA) with one restriction site each for Eco RI, Mbo I, Bam HI, and Not
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