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Nicole Girsch BMEN 289 Homework #2 1. a) Several proteins in the Dystophan-Glycoprotein Complex are localized to the cell membrane because the odds of interacting with other proteins is much less if they are not localized. Hydrophobic amino acid residues on the α helix are responsible for this localization because they tend to reside within the protein’s interior and they interact with the phospholipid bilayer to insert themselves. b.) Polysaccharides attract water because, due to their polarity and hydrophilic
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Unformatted text preview: nature, they can easily form hydrogen bonds with water. c.) A proteins structure is contained in the primary amino acid sequence of the polypeptide chain and will always fold back to the thermodynamically most stable state. Therefore, the hydrophobic nature of a proteins amino acids will determine its conformation and the interiors of folded proteins consist mainly of hydrophobic amino acids, with the hydrophilic amino acids on the surface, where they interact with water....
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