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bio hw3 answers - bilayer would decrease the fluidity of...

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Nicole Girsch BMEN 289 Homework #3 1. a.) In DNA, purines form hydrogen bonds to pyrimidines, with A bonding only to T, and C bonding only to G. Within the strand, there are covalent bonds stabilizing the double-stranded DNA. Furthermore, there are hydrophilic interactions between the groups and Van der Wall forces between stacked bases. b.) The GC base pair is stronger than the AT base pair because GC forms 3 hydrogen bonds while AT only forms 2. As a result, long DNA helices with a high GC content have stronger-interacting strands, while short helices with high AT content have weaker-interacting strands. Therefore, the strength needed to break GC bonds apart is higher, which means a higher melting temperature is required to break the hydrogen bonds.
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5. a.) Increasing the average level of saturation of fatty acid tails in a pure lipid
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Unformatted text preview: bilayer would decrease the fluidity of the membrane because there would be less interaction between the fatty acid tails. b.) If we could photobleach a small section of the bilayer, we would be able to trace the movement and mobility of these phospholipids throughout the bilayer. When the phospholipids are fully saturated, there will be less mobility and the recovery time for the fluorescent phospholipids will be longer because it will take more time for the unbleached GFP-labeled head groups to diffuse into the bleached region. Consequently, if the phospholipids are not fully saturated, the recovery rate will be faster due to an increase in fluidity throughout the membrane....
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bio hw3 answers - bilayer would decrease the fluidity of...

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