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Presentation Wed 3 OUTSOURCING (1)

Presentation Wed 3 OUTSOURCING (1) - Outsour ci ng Benefi...

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Unformatted text preview: Outsour ci ng: Benefi ci a l or D etr i menta l ? By: Ri cha r dson Pa r ker Outsour cing in a Glance Wha t i s Outsour ci ng? Why Outsour ce? Busi ness Pr ocess Outsour ci ng Wha t ma kes i t possi bl e? Adva nta ges vs. D i sa dva nta ges Outsour ci ng i n the Phi l i ppi nes Phi l i ppi ne Attr a cti on Sta ti sti cs What is Outsour cing? Outsour ci ng i s the subcontr a cti ng of pr ocess, such a s pr oduct desi gn or ma nufa ctur i ng, to a neutr a l thi r dpa r ty compa ny. Outsour ci ng i s the r el oca ti on of ser vi ce i ndustr y functi ons to a nother countr y. Objective T hi s r epor t i s to i denti fy the a dva nta ges a nd di sa dva nta ges of outsour ci ng a nd i ts a ffect to a countr y for better deci si on ma ki ng. Why Outsour ce? L ow er ing costs Redir ecting or conser ving ener gy M ak ing efficient use of labor , capital, technology, and r esour ces Business Pr ocess Outsour cing I t i s the tr a nsmi ssi on of pr ocesses a l ong wi th the a ssoci a ted oper a ti ona l a cti vi ti es a nd r esponsi bi l i ti es to a thi r d pa r ty wi th a t l ea st a gua r a nteed equa l ser vi ce l evel a nd wher e the cl i ent conta i ns a fi r m gr i p over the vendor for mutua l l ong ter m success. What mak es it possible? T echnol ogy l i ke: I nter net F ax machines Video confer encing I nexpensive long distance phone ser vices Etc. Advantages Vs. D isadvantages Outsour cer Cheap Labor Reduce Cost Production More Competitive Outsour cee Better Employment Rate Better GDP Economic Growth Outsour cer Job Loss Control Issues Outsour cee Economy Dependence Outsour cing in the Philippines Conta ct Center s/Ca l l Center s Ba ck Offi ce Oper a ti ons T echni ca l Suppor t Ra pi dl y gr owi ng i ndustr y Behi nd Chi na a nd I ndi a Philippine Attr action H i gh-qua l i ty Knowl edge Wor ker s 94% Li ter a cy Ra te Engl i sh Spea ker s 643 I T School s, 400 T ech. Col l eges 86 Col l eges a nd U ni ver si ti es 400,000 Gr a dua tes Annua l l y Philippine Attr action U .S. Pa tter ned Educa ti ona l , H ea l thca r e, a nd Busi ness Systems Str ong Wester n I nfl uence Open Economy L imitations T er r or i sms U nsta bl e Gover nment Conser va ti ve Cul tur e Statistics 2001 U nempl oyment Ra te Expor ts of goods & ser vi ces I mpor ts of goods & ser vi ces Cur r ent Account GD P 11.1 430.3 -508.0 1.3 2002 11.4 445.8 -532.2 4.2 2003 10.7 464.6 -575.4 1.6 1087.9 2004 10.8 505.0 -627.4 1.1 1133.8 1001.7 1046.1 ~Conclusion~ I t ha s a dva nta ges a nd di sa dva nta ges Eva l ua te ca uti ousl y! Outsour ce onl y i f benefi ts outwei gh the costs ...
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