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Sociology 001 Review Sheet—Exam 2 Mountains Beyond Mountains Chapter 5 Describe Farmer’s father and mother. What was the “Blue Bird Inn” and what role did it play in Farmer’s life? The Lady Gin ? Chapter 6 Briefly describe why Paris was important in Farmer’s life. How did Farmer get interested in Haiti? Briefly describe the history of Haiti (p. 63). What did Farmer do on his first trip to Haiti? How did he end up in Mirebalais? Chapter 7 Who is Ophelia Dahl? What is her relationship to Farmer? How did he meet her? How did their relationship have aspects of nontraditional gender roles? Chapter 8 Describe Cange (squatter settlement). What is the liberation theology? Why was religion important to the Haitians? What did Farmer do to begin to set up a clinic in Cange? How did Farmer handle the first two years of his Harvard medical education?
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Chapter 9 How did Farmer decide that faith must be a good thing? What is redistributive justice? How did Farmer practice then when setting up the clinic in Cange? Why did Farmer build a school in Cange?
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