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GeoscReview - a is a belief based approach b is an...

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Geosc. 40 Lecture 2. Review: 16 Jan. 2008 Marone/Arthur Copyright 2008 1) Nearly all of Earth's surface water is contained in: a) The oceans b) Rivers c) Glaciers and ice caps d) The atmosphere e) Holding tanks at the Pepsi Bottling Company in Marion, Illinois 2) Water on Earth (and hence ocean water) most likely formed: a) During the first 0.5 x 109 years of Earth's history b) From emission (degassing) of volatiles from Earth's interior c) From melting of glaciers and polar ice caps d) (a) and (c) e) (a) and (b) 3) The Scientific method:
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Unformatted text preview: a) is a belief based approach b) is an empirical approach based on observations and facts c) leads to Laws and Theories that do not change d) can only be used by licensed scientists e) none of the above 4) It is easier to prove a theory or hypothesis than it is to disprove a theory or hypothesis. a) T or b) F 5) The "Goldilocks Principle," in part, suggests that Earth has just the right position in the solar system to allow retention of liquid water and habitability for life. a) T or b) F...
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