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ISEM 500: Homework1 (Warmup) (3 0 Points ) Overview: This assignment will introduce you to the HU Environment, the ISEM Program, and basic concepts of IS planning of digital enterprises. It involves the following activities: Carefully read the materials about Plagiarism Carefully read the ISEM Documents posted on MyHU International Section Read the materials posted in Module1 (slides with voice annotations and posted articles on Digital Enterprises and IS Planning) Prepare a report that answers the questions presented below and post the report on Discussion Forum (HW1 Thread). This will be treated as a draft and is worth only 5 points. Refine the report if you want and use it to take a Quiz that will be posted later. The quiz is worth 25 points. The HW1 report is just used as a preparation tool, you will fail the HW1Quiz if you do not prepare the Report. Preparation: STEP1 : Read the Plagiarism material posted on Moodle site and Answer he following questions What is plagiarism What are the consequences of plagiarism at HU (e.g., loss of CPT job) You can be dismissed from the University due to plagiarism (yes/no) Dismissal from HU due to plagiarism will stay on your record for the rest of your life (Yes, No). STEP2 : Carefully read the ISEM documents posted on MyHU International Section and also the ISEM500 Syllabus. Then answer the following questions: How many courses are required in ISEM List the names of a few required courses in ISEM that you may want to take Prepare your course plan (what courses do you plan to take in what semester) List names of 10 courses that you find interesting
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