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Harrisburg University  ISEM 540: Enterprise Architectures & Integration Sample Exam for Preparation IMPORTANT NOTES: The final exam will focus on the following topics: o Technology architectures (Middleware, Web technologies, XML and Semantic web) o SOA and Web Services (ch. 9) o Enterprise Integrations (ch, 10) o B2B integrations (Ch. 11) The exam will also include some questions from Project2 Please go through this sample exam before taking the Online exam. It will help you to prepare for the final exam. Please read the questions carefully before answering and provide short and crisp answers. Long ramblings may be dangerous to your health. If something is not clear, make a reasonable assumption, state it clearly and solve the problem based on the assumption. Problem Category 1: General Concepts 1.1): A Few True-False Questions just on the basic concepts. Here are some samples. Which ones of the following statements are false (identify only 2) 1. Business architecture and application architecture are the same thing 2. Business process re-engineering totally overhauls a business while business process improvement only refines it 3. A business process model is the foundation of workflow systems 4. Business strategies can only be supported through business applications 5. RDF is not part of the semantic web 6. Web server is also known as HTTP server 7. XML can be used to represent any type of information 1.2: Platfform Services and Web Technologies (10 points)
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a) Define middleware and give examples of somethings that are middleware and somethings that are not. b) Suppose you are helping a small bookseller setup an online purchasing website for the books. Discuss the role of the following Web technologies in the online website – one sentence per technology (5 points): Web Technology
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