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WORLD RELIGIONS – STUDY GUIDE FOR MID-TERM EXAM I. Identification: You should be able to identify the following terms, concepts, etc. Basic Religion - why do they focus on power? Survival strategies of basic religions: Taboo; Fetishes; Magic; Divination; Totem; Sacrifices (be able to list and define each, and give examples) Ancestor Veneration The High God (in African Traditional Religions) – what are this god’s characteristics? The Aryan Civilization (general characteristics) The Vedas – what are they, why are they important? The Laws of Manu – primary purpose of this text Karma Marga - Dharma (Code of Manu) - The Caste System (origins, different castes (5); how was/is caste defended?) - The Four Stages of Life – list each, describe primary task for each stage) Karma: definition; - 4 needs/desires that humans pursue (list) Be able to briefly trace the journey of a single atman – from where it begins to its end Jnana Marga: - Upanishads: themes - Brahman (how is Brahman described?) - the individual self (list/define 3 bodies)
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