Set 1 - with a combination of many different races, how...

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Angela Thornton 9/2/2008 amt2263 Talking Points Set 1 1. According to Poinsett (“The Mexican Character”), the most affluent people in their society socially isolated themselves from mostly everyone in their class. How did these people socially meet in order to marry? 2. Also, in “The Mexican Character,” this social isolation and ignorance of importing immigrants led them to fall back on moral improvements and social and technological advances. Similar societies became much more advanced since they were open to new knowledge. 3. Unlike many previous racial stereotypes, Vasconcelos (“The Cosmis Race”) changes the view as the Latin Americans to be the “race of the world” or “the cosmic race.” This blending of the Indians and Europeans develops a smarter character. 4. If these races are combined to form a more “synthetical, integral race”
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Unformatted text preview: with a combination of many different races, how does this reflect on the values of pride and spiritual values that the Latin American are known to have? Wouldnt the combination of values and norms conflict with each other? 5. The traditional society in many cultures reflects the values and norms of gender roles and symbols associated with it in a culture. The fact of the chingon being the active, aggressive person leads it to a male figure and the vulnerable, passive victim, chingada, is a female. 6. The importance of the shout of Viva Mexico, hijos de la chingada! represents the isolation from the rest of the world and the past. This ritual of physically shouting for something placed with high value portrays a meaningful ritual oriented culture....
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Set 1 - with a combination of many different races, how...

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