Midterm_review08a - Review for Mid-Term ExamPHIL/ENGR...

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Unformatted text preview: Review for Mid-Term ExamPHIL/ENGR 482Spring, 2008 Ci ticorps Secret Past. Review the main ideas of the video, especially concentrating on how it relates to the three models of professional responsibility. 1. Review distinction between factual, conceptual, application, and moral issues. Remember that the correct answer to classifying a statement will always be based on the structure of the statement AS PRESENTED. For example, the question, Should the 60-hour work week be eliminated? is a question about a moral issue. Of course there are conceptual, application, and factual issues underlying this moral question. For example, a relevant application issue in answering the moral question is, Is the 60-hour work week a form of exploitation? A relevant conceptual issue is, What is exploitation? Remember also that exploitation is a moralized concept. A relevant factual issue might be, What is the hourly wage of the people working 60 hours each week? In the exam, you must look at the statement or question as written, NOT at all of the questions that are suggested by or underlie the question. After all, moral, conceptual, application and factual issues always suggest other issues. The proper classification of original question (Should the 60-hour work week be eliminated?) is NOT ambiguous. It is ONLY a moral question AS STATED. No other answer would be correct. 2. Line drawing and creative middle ways. A creative middle way is one that honors as many of the competing obligations as possible, not necessarily all of them. Questions on line-drawing might include whether a feature is a good feature for analyzing a given case and what characteristics make for a good feature....
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This note was uploaded on 09/06/2008 for the course PHIL 482 taught by Professor Harris during the Spring '02 term at Texas A&M.

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Midterm_review08a - Review for Mid-Term ExamPHIL/ENGR...

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