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FINAL EXAM – PHIL / ENGR 482 – Fall 2004, AM Version Name: _________________________________ Section Number: ________________ Honor Code (Signature): ___________________ TA: __________________________ . 1.) Which of the following criteria for determining when the environment is considered clean best reflects the cost/benefit and utilitarian orentation? a.) The environment is clean if it imposes no greater threat to human life or health than other risks. b.) The environment is clean if the pollutant present in it are normally present in nature to the same degree c.) The environment is clean if the funds required to reduce pollution further could be used in other ways that would produce more overall human well-being. d.) The environment is clean if every pollutant that is demonstrably harmful to human health has been eliminated. 2.) The viewpoint that excludes nonhuman animals from the ranks of those beings having intrinsic value is a definition of. a.) paternalism b.) ethnocentrism c.) anthropocentrism d.) non- anthropocentrism 3.) Which of the following cases focuses on a factual issue a.) Derek wonders wether a computer program is still the “same program” after he has made some changes to the code. b.) Jim argues that benzene emissions of 10ppm do not cause health problems. Tom argues that they do c.) Jim and Derek argue over whether it is ok to lie to pretect a co-worker. d.) Jim and Dekek argue over whether failing to speak up in a meeting when you have relevant information is ok. 4.) Susan works for ACME Systems. As one of her duties, she is supposed to purchase new gas filters. Archie owns a company that manufactures filters. Susan has a conflict of interest if: a.) Archie offers her $1,000 in cash to give him the contract. b.) Archie is the brother of Susan’s best friend. c.) Archie and Susan are sexually attracted to each other. d.) All of the above 5.) Typically, a scientist works at the 95% confidence interval as the standard for “scientific truth.” In contrast, a public policy expert is willing to accept a lower confidence interval to protect the public from a a.) true positive b.) false positive c.) true negative d.) false negative
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6.) Which of the following is the best statement of the self-defeating test? a.) Ask whether you would be willing to be the recipient of the consequences of the actions you are contemplating. b.) Ask whether you could perform the action if everyone performed the action c.) Ask whether you would perform the action if the consequences affected everyone except you d.) Ask whether performing the action will benefit some more than others 7.) Proper engineering response to risk includes a.) Avoiding redundancy b.) Making sure safety factors are as far below 1 as practically possible c.) Making sure safety factors are as far above 1 as practically possible d.) Making sure safety factors are in multiples of 10 8.) Which is the best example of a conflict of interest?
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Final04C - FINAL EXAM PHIL ENGR 482 Fall 2004 AM Version...

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