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Review for Final Exam PHIL/ENGR 482—Spring, 2008 1. Review the factual/conceptual/application/moral distinctions and the main ideas about RP and utilitarianism. Also, the distinction between provisional and all- things-considered judgments is important. For example, provisionally, bribery is always wrong, but there may be occasions when, all things considered, it is permissible. The basic distinctions between the RP and utilitarian accounts of common morality is important. For RP, the basic reason for morality is to protect individuals from others. For utilitarianism, the basic reason for morality is to promote human well-being. Know some of the areas in which each of these theories seems to give an inadequate account of some aspects of common morality. The fact that there is no single theory that can give a completely adequate account of common morality suggests that there is a basic tension in common morality itself between protecting individuals and promoting overall human welfare. This tension is reflected in many moral problems, such as the controversy over privacy. 2. The Accenture presentation on “ghosting hours” shows that there are problems in both over-reporting and under-reporting hours charged to a project. What are these problems? 3. Engineering Codes and Registration. Review the arguments for and against engineering registration in ch. 11, the basic provisions of the code of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, and the procedure for registration. Distinction
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Final_Review08a - Review for Final Exam PHIL/ENGR...

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