A Few Thoughts on Going into the Field

A Few Thoughts on Going into the Field - A Few Thoughts on...

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A Few Thoughts on Going into the Field Be Prepared: o Wear long pants and sturdy shoes; bring rain gear if the weather requires it. o Bring a bottle of water, bug spray, sunscreen. o Bring a small field bag and field notebook. Other useful items are maps (geologic and topographic), a digital camera, a hand lens, polarizing sunglasses, a compass, field guides, a pocket knife, and some kind of hand wash. A Note on Hazards in the Field o All field work presents some risks, fortunately in Kentucky those are relatively minor. Here’s a few to watch out for: Poison Ivy : This is probably the biggest bother. You should learn to identify poison ivy and you should make sure you wear long pants, and long sleeve shirts, if necessary (depending on your allergic response). Ticks : Ticks in Kentucky are generally just a bother, as they present low risks for disease transmission. I highly recommend, however, that you always check yourself for ticks after you leave the field. I’ve found a recheck the next day is a good idea as well, because you
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