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polisci midterm 1 - Ch.1 Our Founding Fathers Thomas...

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Ch.1 Our Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison. Problem with them: All wealthy, white, men trying to create a more profitable system for men like themselves. They created a flawed system that allowed slavery, no role for women, discrimination against native Americans, etc. We lived in an uneducated, agricultural society. Our founding fathers later wanted us educated. Similar to the game 'craps', we won't participate in in politics if we don't know what were doing. Relative deprivation – when someone has more than you. American Core Ideals: Liberty, Equality, Self Government, Individualism, Diversity, Unity. What our culture values isn't always what others value. Liberty – principle that people should be free to act and think as they choose so long as they don't infringe on others freedom (aka freedom w/ boundaries). Examples of these limits: cant use “fighting words”, threaten the president, etc. Equality – all individuals are equal in moral worth and entitled to equal rights. Problem: we believe this idea, but don't
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