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poliscicheatsheet - Ch.9 Marjoritarianism the government...

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Ch.9 Marjoritarianism – the government gets their power from the people Elitism – a few rich, highly educated people have the power Pluralism – Shared interest groups run the country Attitutes toward interest groups James Madison – believed we shouldnt have any Woodrow Wilson – Many people are parts of interest groups (ex: red cross) In the American system... -Strength in numbers – the more people that believe in the same ideas, the stronger they are -Competition – allows other groups to compete, make best ideas into best decisions -Encouraging interest groups – we like it when there are interests groups because it causes competition Since the 1970's PACs – Political action committees – interest groups that funnel money into elections Courts – groups that go to courts to get ideas passed Technology – donating / participating in politics is so easy now with high speed Internet, wireless, etc.
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