Phil Notes 11-13-07

Phil Notes 11-13-07 - Affirmative Action (11/13/07) Morally...

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Morally justified primarily for backward-looking reasons of racist injustice past and present Like punishment, compensatory programs like affirmative actions ought to be awarded differentially between groups based on the amount of racist harm experienced by the groups In the US, this means Indians and Blacks should receive the greatest amounts of AA (most of the resources allocated for AA). Indian and Black women should receive more than Indian and Black men as they experienced sexist as well as racist harms. Same other folk of color would qualify for the remainder of AA resources, BUT NOT WHITE WOMEN! The racist harms caused by White women and the privileged status they have enjoyed outweighs the sexism they have experienced Removing White Women from Affirmative Action Programs Principle of Proportional Compensation—Groups should receive compensation according to the amount of harm wrongfully experience Principle of Fairness—No one ought to benefit from their own wrongdoing White women have NOT been wrongfully harmed nearly as much as Indian and Black women and men, nor as much as some other groups in US history Yet White women have already benefited from AA more than all other groups combined White women in the US have served as racist oppressors of Indians and Black, as well as other groups of color They have stolen resources that should have been used for other more deserving groups Thus White women in the US should be removed immediately from AA programs as beneficiaries Racist Harms against Indians US sanctioned and commissioned genocide and slavery against hundreds of Indian nations Millions of acres of land theft from Indians by US Forced onto reservations, acculturation (Indian Boarding Schools), and denial of religious freedom. Hundreds of broken treaties by US
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Phil Notes 11-13-07 - Affirmative Action (11/13/07) Morally...

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