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Unformatted text preview: Family is most influential Poorly trained interviewers, unpre’d samples, respondents lack of knowledge or interest, poorly worded questions are polling errors Halo effect is when a person responds to a poll with the answers they believe the interviewer wants to hear Women are less likely to use the use of force to settle international disputes than men Liberals don’t believe that traditional values should be upheld even at considerable cost to those citizens who disagree with those values Libertarians are opposed to governmental intervention into both economic and social spheres Democrats tend to favor affirmative action more so than republicans Religious differences are most evident in the context of social policy issues, such as school prayer and abortion, where Americans of different religious beliefs hold substantially different opininos When the nation was founded, only white males who owned property could vote Frequency of elections in the US reduces voter turnout by increasing the personal effort needed to participate in all elections...
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