Polisci final review quiz questions

Polisci final review quiz questions - Ch.11 Safe incumbency...

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Ch.11 Safe incumbency, in which candidates of one party are virtually assured of elections, ISN'T more prevalent in the Senate than in the House. Most of the legislative decisions in Congress are made, in effect, by committees and subcommittees rather than by the entire House and Senate. The U.S. Congress is NOT characterized by strong party unity. The president of the Senate is also the vice-president of the U.S. Committee chairs are not selected by seniority regardless of their political party identification. The political party with the majority of seats in Congress also holds the majority of seats on each committee and subcommittee. Although Congress looks to the president for policy leadership on national issues, it does not quickly accept most legislative proposals developed in the White House. Partisan identifications are a significant predictor of how members of Congress will vote. Congressional oversight is NOT the process by which the full House or Senate keeps track of the work of its committees. When faced with a strong conflict between what is best for the nation and what is best for their local constituency, most members of Congress would likely respond to local needs. The term "service strategy" refers to the use of congressional staff to build support among constituents. The primary source of campaign funds for congressional election campaigns is individual donations. Compared with the Senate majority leader, the Speaker of the House has more power because the House is the larger of the two in terms of membership and has less of a tradition as "a chamber of equals." Which of the following is not a Congressional agency? Office of Management and Budget Unlimited debate employed in the Senate to keep a bill from coming up for a vote is called a filibuster. Measures enacted to prevent a program from continuing forever are called sunset laws. On broad issues of national significance, who usually takes the initiative to propose legislative initiatives? The President What is the name of the type of committee that reconciles different House and Senate versions of a bill? Conference The major function of the U.S. Congress is to pass legislation General descriptive characteristics of the U.S. Congress include all except which one of the following? Congress most often takes the lead in handling broad national issues. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives can only choose members of the House Rules Committee and recognize people from the floor of Congress to speak on a bill. The practice of sending an agricultural bill to the Foreign Relations Committee instead of the Agriculture Committee for deliberation would offend the policy of jurisdiction. When Congress passes a "distributive" piece of legislation, it means benefits are distributed to a particular group
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Polisci final review quiz questions - Ch.11 Safe incumbency...

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