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California Republican debate transcript May 3, 2007 Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.): We have to continue because it's not just the Iraqi vital national security interests that are at stake here, it's America's vital national security interests. If we fail in Iraq, we will see Iraq become a center for al Qaeda, chaos. As such, with chaos comes genocide in the region, and then they'll follow us home. The argument of the last sentence can be paraphrased as follows: If we fail in Iraq, there will be chaos.
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Unformatted text preview: If there is chaos, there is genocide in the region. If there is genocide in the region, then al Qaeda will follow us home. Therefore, if we fail in Iraq, al Qaeda will follow us home. This is an example of a chain argument. The point is to show that the fight in Iraq is pivotal to preventing al Qaeda's influence overseas, along with their attacks. This chain argument regarding the Iraq is valid. The premises appear plausible, thus making the argument sound....
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