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11-6-07 Phil Notes - November6,2007 PhilosophyNotes...

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November 6, 2007 Philosophy Notes Racism Chapter Next week: chapter 7, 8, 9, Official exam study session Two weeks: Exam #3 (November 20, 2007) November 27, 2007 exam study session ATLEAST A 20 ON NEXT TWO EXAMS, DROP LOWEST, DOUBLE HIGHEST SCORE, AND MAYBE PASS THIS FUCKING CLASS. If at least half of us get a 20 or more on the next test, he has to do a J. Lo dance. Chappelle KKK Skit Does Chappelle’s skit really set black folk back, as his friend argued after seeing the skit? Or does it really educate against racist stupidity. Unafraid to face a terrible racial problem head on. The use of the word “nigger.” Notice how Chappelle points out that as children we can be told or treated in ways that confuse our ethnic identities. Remember the school for the blind woman who told him he was white for his “own good.” Reveals anti-black stereotypes. “Lazy, good for nothin’ trickers, crack-smokin’ swinder, big butt havin’.” Each of which is so irrational as a basis for hating someone. Shows how racism often is based on moral contradictions and double standards “Look here, nigger. If anyone’s gonna have sex with me sister, it’s gonna be me!” Depicts racists as ignorant, so ignorant that they fall for a black guy who is so ignorant that he thinks he is white! Oh, the irony. Depicts the racist as not having any meaningful contact with those she hates, suggesting racism is based on ignorance. Uses the word “nigger” to teach us about how ignorant it is to use it in a racist way. The gas station scene depicts how confused and stupid for the white racists are when he joins them in denouncing “the nigger” they though he was “the nigger” but he denounced the so-called “nigger” but refused to admit he was one. This speech at the book signing shows how baseless racial hatred is. o
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This note was uploaded on 08/14/2008 for the course PHIL 101 taught by Professor Unknown during the Spring '07 term at San Diego State.

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11-6-07 Phil Notes - November6,2007 PhilosophyNotes...

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