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More Free Will - 1 I sometimes act freely 2 I act freely...

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More Free Will - Compatibilist: redefine free will - Indeterminist: Determinism is false Taylor’s Theory of Agency - People form the beginning of their actions’ own causal chains - Avoids dilemma of Determinism 1. We sometimes deliberate what to do 2. It’s sometime up to us what we do. 3. Those two pieces of data are inconsistent with Determinism. 4. The only theory they are consistent with is the theory of agency C: Theory of Agency is true
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Unformatted text preview: 1. I sometimes act freely 2. I act freely just in case I am able to do otherwise 3. If determinism is true, I can never do otherwise. C: Determinism is false Problems for theory of agency? 1. What are these agents/ selves? 2. How do they manage to be prime movers unmoved? 3. Not exactly explains how we manage to be free/ have the ability to choose otherwise, but just stating that we do....
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