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Problem of Evil

Problem of Evil - world if he had to create evil If...

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Problem of Evil - Traditional conception: omnipotent, omniscient (all-knowing), omnibenevolent Proof: 1. If God exists, s/he fits the traditional conception. 2. If there did exist such a being, there would be no evil. 3. There does exist evil. 4. There is no traditional conception of God in reality C: God does not exist. Best world = Heaven on Earth Denying #2: 1. Somehow good requires evil - Causally necessary as a means to good (Mackie #2): To get to good, we must first have evil Threat to God’s omnipotence? God cannot bypass evil to create good, so he is not omnipotent. - Logically necessary for good – as a counterpart (M#1): good is relative Heaven is either not good or has evil. If existence of good is dependent on evil, good cannot eliminate evil, so God cannot eliminate evil Why so much suffering/ evil for a simple contrast? Would a small amount of evil be worth all the good? Why did God create the
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Unformatted text preview: world if he had to create evil. If relative, God being all-good is also relative Relativity creates semantical argument 2. The world is on balance better for the bad stuff – Leibniz: Some goods – second order goods – require evil to exist and the universe is better with them than without them What about higher order evils? Second-order evils out to destroy first-order goods. Defense only defends first-order evils. Second-order evils enable third-order goods. Infinite regress. Is existence of courage and heroism really worth murder, rape, etc… Heaven? 3. Free will Natural disasters? Animal attacks? HW: Why couldn’t God have given us free will but made us so that we always choose the right thing?...
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Problem of Evil - world if he had to create evil If...

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